Friday, May 13, 2011

In life we often choose to make personal sacrifices to better our family.  And as my brother recently reminded me... Sometimes we end up sacrificing ourselves AND our family to the cause, company, etc.  This can especially happen if you are a people pleaser, have a type A personality, are obsessive about things, and always give 110%.

Last year I took a part time job to help pay my sons private school tuition.  For the first time in my life instead of taking over the world I really stuck to boundaries I had set up to preserve family life. Over a year later the job is not so flexible and pushing full time. It was time to make a choice about my personal goals for my family and myself.  Although I really enjoyed the work and am sure I could have been successful in the future, after much contemplation I felt the apple I had selected to feed my family was now poisoning my family.
My husband has always done well enough for us to be comfortable, even spoiled and sometimes careless.  Compared to many I don't have the right to complain.  Although new sacrifices will have to be made, I look forward to carefree summer of picnics and free concerts in the park.

Summer Cravings! Lime Cream Vanilla?

Monday, May 2, 2011

OK, it really has been a long rainy winter here in the NW and it doesn't look to end soon. Because as we all know the sun doesn't come out up here until July 5th.   After 13 years the rain and clouds are really getting to me this season and I worried I might be depressed.  Turns out I am not the only one.  It's been much colder here and apparently the weatherman has charts to prove I am not crazy! 
And so I continue on... chasing bits of blue sky in hope of feeling that sun on myself.  In the meantime, I am officially diagnosing myself with scurvy because the only thing I seem to crave lately is lime....

 All this time I thought there was nothing better than nice cold Coke and Lime!  Until one day antique shopping with my Dad we stopped at a 7-11 to let Awsumb pick out a little treat and what do I find....

SUMMERTIME LIME!  The new Lime Cream Vanilla Slurpee!  I don't even like Slurpee's but the boys do and in the summer I will occasionally get a small one.  Well, my obsession led us to a late night hunt this weekend for a 7-11 in our neighborhood that is carrying this new flavor.  And boy was it worth it!  YUM!

And you know what this means... It's will be my number one flavor on the 2011- Free Slurpee Day - Brain Freeze Rally!  That's right, mark your calendar's, it's coming up.  July 11th Free Slurpee Day at 7-11. Contest rules coming soon... (click to read about 2010's Epic Free Slurpee Run!) We hope your family will join us as we see how many free Slurpee's it's takes to freeze your brain!


So today we stopped for lunch at Taco Time, which just happens to be the chosen restaurant in our area to debut Coke Freestyle.  Have you tried these new soda dispensers?  What's not to love about a high tech - touch screen soda machine with over 100 choices.. mix and match for unlimited combinations!

So as I am trying to convince my son to try a Lime Rickey (Sprite, Grape Syrup and Lime) it comes to me... A Lime Vanilla Diet Coke...  2/3rds Diet Coke and Lime, 1/3 Diet Coke and Vanilla!  PERFECTION!

What's your favorite soda combination?