Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Friday, November 21, 2014

If you have ever been to board game night at our house, you know that the first thing Kenneth does is tell everyone that "Wendy's plays ruthlless, so don't trade, ally or listen to her..". and if you have a question or need clarification on rules to ask him. OK, so I don't mind him being the rules guy, who wants to read those booklets to figure out how to get a new game started. And yes, he is always a fair judge... but he does he realy have to give up my dumb blonde persona before we even get started? After all these years I have decided this is part of his strategy because he knows he is easily distracted by conversation and doesn't usually win against me!

A few years ago Kenneth was really excited about a new game titled Pandemic. The object of the game is to cure disease before pandemic breaks out. Players work together to build research centers and find a cure. This is an everyone wins or everyone looses type of thing. From the getgo I just hated this game. Although you aren't supposed to play your cards face up and reveal your assests, players end up hinting with more than obvious clues to their fellow players. And by that time it's sort of just a going through the motions type of thing.

I guess I am just not a teamplayer... I want a winner! And that winner better be me! I just couldn't figure out why people loved this game. My own brother, on a visit during the years he lived in Africa, loved it. The first printing sold out and it was impossible to get a copy. I hated this game so much I almost snuck it in my brother's luggage and sent it with him back to Africa! Though Kenneth begs all the time to play Pandemic, to this day we haven't broken the game out again.

Kenneth came across this cartoon...

Sums up my feeling exactly! I play to win! Winner takes all.... Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I realized it may be because of my dislike for Pandemic that I have been avoiding learning a new game Kenneth bought ages ago, Agricola. In recent months and years the new games stack up. I don't know why I am so resistant to them. I guess because I know I can beat him at every game we already own.  I really owe Kenneth and apology and a game night!

What new games have you played recently?  What games can you not stand to play?