2012 Brain Freeze Rally

Monday, May 21, 2012

 7-Eleven is kicking off summer early this year with
Wednesday, May 23rd
11am to 7pm
(at participating stores)
10 free Slurpees!
That's 71.1 ounces of Slurpee per person!

Only ONE Free Slurpee per 7-11

You must get a different flavor than the one before
(but may repeat flavors over the course of the event)

You must finish your Slurpee before we get to the next 7-11

And of course, obey all traffic laws!

And that leads us to

"Suck for your lives!"

Which you will find yourself yelling
as you chase other cars loads of kids
around town trying to get the last of
the FREE Slurpees cups
before they are all gone!

Join us to see how many
it takes to

Free Slurpee Day
was totally trumped by baseball
 as we had a game scheduled. 
So I pulled my son out of school a bit early...
2 1/2 Hours, 2 ipod playlists,
probably more in gas than it was worth,
 to get two 10 year old boys 10 Slurpees
After which they had a baseball game...
yeah, sick tummies anyone?
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Free Slurpee Days
 2010 and 2011

Historical Halloween

Awsumb as Walt Disney
Historical Halloween 2010 - 3rd Grade

Each year Awsumb's school avoids typical Halloween madness  as the 1st through 3rd grade classes celebrate Historical Halloween.  During the month leading up to Halloween the kids select a historic figure that contributed to society in a positive way.  After doing some research the kids write up a notecard with basic facts.  Then on Halloween the kids dress up and present their selection. 

It's always such a fun day and the parents crowd in the tiny activity room to get a glimpse of their child.  Because it's so crowded and I am usually running back to the classroom to set up for the parties which follow the presentations I never get good video or a good picture of Awsumb.  The above gem was found in the school yearbook and I finally got a copy of it to share with you!

As you can see Awsumb selected Walt Disney.  I will have to dig up his little notecard, because I am sure I saved it. Awsumb was excited to share that Walt's imagination and hard work continues to inspire and entertained kids and families.  And doesn't he look so cute?

The preschool classes celebrate Storybook Halloween. Each child arrives at school dressed as their favorite storybook character.  What other non-traditional ways does your school celebrate Halloween?