Don't Forget The Parsley!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our little Awsumb has always been precocious.  When he was very small and we went out to dinner he would get really upset if the service staff would not address him directly. He liked to order for himself.  One night while we were dining out he placed his order then added, “Don’t forget the parsley!”  He had noticed that when we go out, besides having someone else to serve us a cold drink and no dishes to clean up, that it was the little things that made it special.  Even a small garnish like parsley was an important part of the experience for him.   And it was that small thing that he cared about and didn’t want to miss out on.

 I have since realized that in a child’s eyes, it’s the little things that matter. And sometimes when you remember the little things, they don’t even care about the big things. This is why the large cardboard box that comes with a new toy, bed or whatever might be more exciting to them than the thing we spent money and time selecting for them.

 This is the time of year that I sometimes hear people worry that they can’t do enough for their children for Christmas.  Of course our challenge is trying to make sure our son doesn’t take things for granted.   As an only child he often gets things other kids in bigger families might not.  And although Awsumb has all that he wants and more, there are still things he asks for like and iPad, which he is NOT going to get.  Awsumb has brought up the idea of getting an iPad a few times recently.  And we have strictly told him this is just not going to happen.

 This weekend we put up our Christmas tree and the next morning Awsumb crawled in my bed to cuddle with me.  He said, “Ya know, even if we don’t get anything for Christmas we have such a beautiful tree.  And Auntie and Uncle are coming to stay with us.  We’ll all be together and Christmas will be so wonderful.”  He then paused and said, “As long as we get some chocolate!”  Apparently chocolate is very important to making Christmas special.  “At least a little piece.”

 Just a great reminder that it’s the little things that make memories and make celebrations and  holidays special.  Just like that small garnish of parsley, having a simple treat like chocolate, spending time with family and all those small, simple things are what our children will grow up and remember.  Take the time to make the little memories with your children.  For, it’s these little things that will help them remember that someone loves them.

 So this Christmas don’t forget the parsley, and some chocolate, at least a little piece!