A Totally Awsumb Baseball Birthday Party

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awsumb 2006
Happy 5th Birthday! 
Seatttle Mariner's Safeco Field
This party goes against my usual
kid's birthday party rule
 about not going to typical kid's party venues.
But it is a good reminder that
 there are much cooler places to go
if you are going to pay
for a Kids Birthday Party Place anyway.
 This wasn't really much more $
 than a Chuck E. Cheese party.

 The Birthday Package At Safeco Field includes:
 Stadium Tour - up to 20 people (we paid extra for about 30)
Including the Press Box, Locker Room, Field, Dugout,
and a Suite to serve lunch and birthday cake!
The Hardy family was so excited
when they heard about our plans
So, they all drove up from Utah
 including Gpa and Gma Awsumb.
As it was also Greg's birthday
(who is an Totally Awesome Uncle)
We also splurged and had the batting cage
 opened up for us under the stadium.
This was more for the adults
 so I brought a blow up pitching game
 for the kids to play during that time.
Awsumb and Greg in the Dug Out
The Locker Room
The Press Box 
The kids at the playground 
 Blow Up Catcher / Punching Bag
Sandwiches, chips, soda, cracker jacks
Baseball Donuts from Krispy Kreme 
The Stadium gave all the kids T-shirts, posters, a train,
And for the birthday boy a special bag of goodies
 including an Ichiro Bobble Head!
Because the Hardy family came to town
This party lasted all weekend...

If you have made up your mind to go to a kids party venue
 or have a lot of guests coming, start checking around.
All sorts of cool places have kids parties, museum's, etc.
Just be warned if you choose a extra special theme
be prepared for all your out of town family to show up!
We are glad the grandparents and cousins could share this day with Awsumb!

A Totally Awsumb Hot Wheel Birthday Party

Awsumb 2005
Happy 4th Birthday
Cones, Race Flags,
Blue, Orange and Yellow Balloons
Each kid picked out a HOT WHEEL

At the time, Hot Wheels had this neat racer with a pull out track.
Including a push button motor start and finish flag to announce the winner.
 In the end the track would wrinkle up and became impossible to roll up properly.
It was a good idea while it lasted and worked fine for the party.

I set up the track and let kids race over and over again

until everyone won their own trophy
(I guess i didn't get any pictures of the trophy awards,
but you can see Awsumb wearing his below)
October Birthdays are always rainy here in the Northwest...
But, by some miracle there was no rain! 
So we could set up the Race Car Pinata in the yard.
And of course, you gotta get that classic picture of hte kids lined up on the couch.
Each kid went home with their choice of:
Hot Wheel, Race Flag, Trophy
and pockets full of candy.
A Simple, Fun Party!
 I usually coordinate Awsumb's Halloween costume
 with his Birthday Parties.
But, he was really Batman in 2005
 and the above Race Car photo is from 2006,
when he was 5 years old!

Because I like things "just so" this has always bothered me!

At the last minute,  Awsumb decided to wear
this cape I had made to his specifications. 
At the time he used to ask us to call him "Bruce"
 for Bruce Wayne and wanted to be dressed up
underneath so no one knew he was the 'real' Batman! LOL! 

A Totally Awsumb Spider-man and Friends Birthday Party

Awsumb 2004
Happy 3rd Birthday!
I think my husband wanted this party more than my 3 year old!
All the kids were invited to come dressed in their Halloween costumes.

Decor: Poster of Spider-man, red and blue balloons
and a giant spider web made out of black yarn
The kids had fun climbing around in this spider-web. 
Eventually we helped them each follow a string from on end to the other to find their prizes:
Spider-man Pez
I took pictures of the kids making their best Hulk faces.
The mayor sent over some award ribbons for all the super-heroes...
 Then it was time to the let kids "jump around"
The Bounce House 
OK - on one told me that blue frosting would be a mess to clean up! 

There are so many fun things
you can do with super hero themes,
depending on the age of the kids. 
I kept things pretty simple, it was plenty.

If I hosted a super hero party again I would make each kid their own cape.
This can be a simple cut of fabric
pinned to the kid's shirts
or with a simple tie, snap or velco around the neck.

Awsumb's Big Present:
Spider-man and Friends Playset
(I guess this is the equivelant to the Barbie Dream House?!)

I really wanted a Pirate Party and only did this Super Hero Party
to make my little boy and husband happy!
And I wouldn't let Awsumb wear the Spider-man costume for Halloween
because it just wasn't up to my standards! LOL!
I knew I would get to do a Pirate Party eventually,
And I did just that for his 8th Birthday!
Awsumb 2004

A Totally Awsumb Bob the Builder Birthday Party

Awsumb 2003
Happy 2nd Birthday!
"Can we fix it?  Yes we can!"
Awsumb simply LOVED
Construction Tape, Cones,
Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow Balloons
Awsumb's big present:
Little People Construction Set
and Bob the Builder Legos (Duplos)
Each kid received a plastic construction hat
 Bean Bag "Rock Toss"
I sewed up some simple 'boulders' filled with rice
Parachute Play
You can get a small parachute for about $20
This parachute has been used over and over throughout the years.
Stick the hammer on Bob's Tool Belt
Pull String Pinata's are great for little kids.
One lucky string pulls the pinata open!
Donuts and Juice 
Each Kid took home a Little Tikes Plastic Hammer

I ordered these from the Little Tikes Parts department.
Much more fun than disposable goody bag toys from the party store!
The Gifts:  Bob the Builder everything! 
Including PJ's made by Gma Hardy 

As Awsumb's Birthday falls in October his Halloween Costume was a no brainer!
I think you can easily put together costumes
 that are much more charming
than any flimsy thing you'll find in the store. 
 I sewed a little patch Auntie found on some overalls,
 let him wear the flannel pajama top Grandma Hardy sewed,
added Little Tikes tools Grandpa Awsumb bought,
his Bob The Builder Party Hat
and he was ready to Trick or Treat!
These ideas will work for Handy Manny or any other construction theme.