Urban Survival Kit Project

Sunday, May 25, 2014

While recovering from my surgery I felt pretty helpless. I have never had a broken bone, surgical procedure, even a cavity that needed filling.  So you can imagine how uncomfortable with was to have staples. I was afraid to sit on the couch because I didn't know if I could get OFF the couch!  And even after the staples were removed I was just wiped out. I wasn't up for much. I walked just about every day.  Really, really slowly.  That first week Kenneth took me to a different store every night just to walk around.  And after that I was up and around the neighborhood.    I had my set backs and over did things trying to drive 4 weeks post op.  But I tried my best to take it easy.

At home I was distracted, yet couldn't do anything. It was a weird feeling.  I didn't even watch a movie for the entire first month I was home, because I just couldn't focus on anything.  I was frigidity.  And because the surgery was not planned, I came home to a pretty chaotic house. So being on strict orders not to lift, vacuum, etc. I felt trapped.  Then it came to me.  The emergency kits in the coat closet were so outdated.

Awsumb's was more a 'go bag' in case of emergency. Packed with clothing and more comfort items if he had to spend the night away..  I used to update but had not in some time.  He had clothes from when he was 8 in there!  I dove in deep and I guess it alleviated some of the helpless feelings i had about my current situation.

Also remember, I went to the ER with only a chapstick.  NO bag, nothing ready to go. And of course Kenneth brought and odd assortment of items. I had wanted to build a better go bag for Kenneth and I after the last time we I had to quickly pack a bag in the cold dark house when we left our home during a major windstorm and power outage.  That's when I learned that what you really want packed and ready to go in an emergency bag is more personal and comfort items.  This frees your time to gather or take care of more important things around your home.  And chances are it won't be as much life or death circumstances that you will need such items.You are more likely to need a bag for an overnight stay at a hospital, a friends house or to gather local community center, school or church during  local emergency disaster type situation.  And in the very worst of times you sure aren't going to want any poor quality, dollar store type survival item.

I have kept 72 hours kits in our cars for years. Basic stuff like water, food, space blankets, etc. But after so many years they become depleted and I had not gone through them in a while.  They were pretty decimated.  Which is good, it meant the items I had in them were useful! I always kept extra thing like socks and comfort items.  I can't tell you how many times having toilet paper, towels and other items ready to go came in handy over the years when out and about.

I got to work reorganizing what we already had going on and what I decided would be idea.  I found lots of you tube videos of people who packed Urban Survival Kits and this is what I came up with...

72 Hours Car Kits - Backpacks, one for each vehicle.  Water, food,shelter, tools and beyond the basics include socks, gloves, rain jacket, personal items.

Child GO Bag - Backpack - not to heavy, mostly comfort items.  A change of clothes, a new toys, book.  A letter from parents and a family photos.  A few snacks.

Adult Go Bag - Carry On Bag including toiletries and personal items, change of clothes including socks and underwear.  Personal papers and documents and a "Grab List" (more on that in an upcoming blog)

72 Food and Water - I used a roll on sized suitcase that has a funny large rigid handle on it and so it's often taken from us when we use it as a carryon when we fly.  It's perfect to store 72 hours of quick and easy food and water. It can be rolled along behind us, thrown in a vehicle, etc.

Survival Tool Kit - A duffle bag full of light weight basic tools and survival items to start fire, build a shelter, etc.  This bag is also easy to throw in the car and convenient for everyday car camping or a long road trip.

Check back for additional blogs with more specifics including lists and photos of items included in each bag.

Focus Week?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Awsumb's new school sends the kids away for a week in the spring.  Focus Week, they call it.  The trips are sponsored by a teacher or two and generally related to current studies in class.  The school fills the trips based on priority.  So the older kids get first dibs on trips to Europe of other high adventure trips. We thought 6th grade would be perfect for a D.C. trip.  But when the art teacher sponsored that one and said the kids would be doing a lot of sitting around sketching we decided that was NOT the trip for Awsumb.  Next best thing was a California trip.  6 parks in 6 days, Roller coasters, studying physics and statistics... say no more, Kenneth was signed up!  I was a little miffed, seriously?  I thought some of the local hiking trips were better options.  But Kenneth wasn't going to pass this one up.  The trip was actually 9 days with a couple beach days and a museum thrown in there.  Oh and to top it off, they were gone over our 19th Wedding Anniversary.   So I packed Kenneth a space pen with a note that said "write me" (inside joke).  An I made Awsumb a mini Disney survival kit in a mickey mouse tin (which he loved, and remember I've been overboard on the emergency prep every since my surgery).  I sure missed them.  Especially since all the solitary time during my recovery after surgery. I was just ready to be out and about.   The boys have gone away together loads of times for the week for school, scouts, etc.  But this one was the longest week of my life.

Boys will be boys and they took only a few photos...

(coming soon)

Nobody I'd Rather Walk Through Life With Than You!

Friday, May 16, 2014


There is nobody I'd rather walk through life with than you.  

And by walking I mean very, very slowly!

At this point I know you are sick of walking along side me as I shuffle along after recovering from my surgery.  But seriously. I could have found no one better to be by my side all these years.  I can't wait to celebrate 20 years with my best friend next year!


Always and Forever,